E-commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce Fulfillment

When customers purchase products on your website or another third-party sales channel, we pick, pack and ship the orders directly to your customers in a non-branded box. 99% of orders are fulfilled in the same day they are received
The continuing growth of e-commerce has created challenges for distribution centers (DCs). Parcels are smaller, lighter, and harder to handle on the same conveyors and sorters. And shipping and logistics firms have amped up the pressure, adding dimensional charges as a penalty to those that ship lightweight goods.

Our Services Includes

E-commerce customers typically want faster deliveries; environmentally conscious, appealing, and undamaged packaging; the occasional added-value or gift packaging; and free shipping. More than half of customers abandon shopping carts when faced with high shipping costs.

Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce packaging costs
Decrease labour and increase throughput
Reduce freight, sortation, and shipping costs

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